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07:55 pm: Saturday...Sunday...Monday
We had a roast for evening-meal on Saturday night, after I had been out to buy some milk and a big bar of chocolate. After that, it was Morse. This saw Morse in the hospital, very sick but determined to look into some wrongdoings in the Oxford Canal Murders on the 1850s.
On Sunday morning, there was no snow. We rose early for the services: Viv was playing in the music group, and I was leading prayers. I chose to pray on the theme of the family, while Steve chose the same as his sermon theme, so everything worked out fine. We got back just before one o'clock, and David asked what time he should leave for archery...I said he should already have left.
After a light lunch and dishwashing, we went round to Betty's house for a coffee. The evening service: theme - prayer. The end of the evening saw us all return at different times: Chris had been at home all the time, Matthew went home straight after to order f & c for us all, I was next, followed by David who had been at the youth group. I believe they were engaged in the fine sport of table-jumping. Last of all, Viv, who had gone off to the local pub with some of the ladies from church.
So to today, release day here for GOF. After Viv got back from the dentist and after lunch, it was time to got to Birkenhead to buy it. On our return, we watched The Weakest Link before the DVD went on. It wasn't what I wanted to watch tonight, so I have been listening to some other things as the DVD played.

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Date:March 21st, 2006 04:17 pm (UTC)


Sad but true - I have seen that episode of Morse many years ago, it was ok as Morse goes. Cheers, Ciaran.
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