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A quiet night in

Well, another weekend came and went without comment.

Saturday was a pretty quiet day when all is said and done. The boys went out to hockey and caught up on some of the sleeping I had missed the previous week.

In the afternoon, Viv continued with some tidying up while I took the boys out. Among other things, we bought some large plastic storage boxes.

We also made some bread, testing our bread maker against the church's one, which seems to be only partly functional. The keys to making the best bread seem to be:
Make sure that the moving parts are not sticking.
Make sure that the ingredients are all fresh and dry.

Get that right and perfect loaves are an easy end result. There are lots of simple changes to be made: instead of milk, use a can of beer (cheap beer provides the best results). Instead of butter or margarine, use olive oil. If you have flavoured olive oil, use that.

Sunday morning saw the usual rush of things as we got ready. Trinity Sunday, readings about the Creation and the Great Commission this morning.

After the usual hot bread lunch, we went off to The Embassy to watch Episode II again. After that, we went off for a curry in Courtenay Place, but I'm sorry to say that the place we went was not to the high standard I remembered from my previous visit.

Either way, Monday was another working day, with not a great deal else happening. Same today, with a quiet night at home. We spent time sorting out my application for the Advanced Toastmaster - Silver award, something that I should have done a while back.
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