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The calendar doesn't ever stop ticking

On Sunday evening, not surprisingly, the thought uppermost in people's minds was the impending departure of our rector, though he does still have five months with us. But our service was a reasonably normal one apart from that. Well, maybe not...it's not every day we have two bishops there. One from Tanzania, who spoke to use from John chapter 3. Just for once, the theme wasn't the famous sixteenth verse, but verse 14. And the Bishop of Birkenhead was there too, though he wasn't there in any official capacity, judging by his apparel: an open necked shirt that wasn't the slightest bit purple.
Debbi came back after the service for a coffee, well two actually. She drinks it very weak and milky, not at all like me, a strong coffee drinker at all hours of the day and night. Still, if people want to drink dishwater...
Monday, a quiet day, with Viv again visiting the dentist. I spent some of the morning and into the afternoon scanning more articles and pictures about The Smirks, which will be added to their website shortly.
Later in the afternoon, Margaret came round to sort out some problems with email on her laptop. It was hard to be sure what the problem was, as I didn't seem to find anything much wrong with it: email was being sent successfully once it connected to a wireless network...I think connection is its biggest issue.
There was no sign of Matthew, whose school was having an in service training day for the staff. I think they used to be called Baker days after the one time Minister of Education. (Are they still called that?) Matthew had gone off to play football with some schhool friends, though he found out later that the Soccerdome was flooded and damaged, so they went to Chester instead, and he ended up later at a friend's house, returning here about 9pm.
By then, we were well into "The Remorseful Day", Inspector Morse's last. At the end, I think it is well known, Morse dies, but the story is nevertheless a very moving one. We continue to learn more and more about him as the stories continue: it is a magnificent series, spanning many years in the life of Morse, following the ups and downs of a life in a way few other series have managed.
This morning, not much yet. Just after lunch, we can look forward to more groceries being delivered, and welcome they will be!
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