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The quiet few days

Thursday and Friday were very quiet days. Most of both days was spent reading or updating websites. Lots of rcent work on http://thesmirks.com - while http://baptism.co.nz continues to be neglected. Still, on Thursday morning we went and had coffee with sheaj34 while in the afternoon Viv went off to have coffee with another friend. Thursday was quiet. On Friday, Viv went off to Coffee Plus, while I didn't. On Friday night, we saw Chris off to a bowling night, while the others just took him to McD for evening-meal. We set off to pick him up when he sent us a text message "reminding" us that he was getting a lift.
Saturday started slowly, but not so slowly as the last couple of weeks. David set off to archery just after lunch, turned back when it was raining bt arrived home grumpy in sunshine. We explained the unpredictability of British weather to him.
Coffee Plus was having a social for members and partners on Saturday night, so we went to that. Good food, good company. Conversations I had included in no particular order. the ever-popular Kirk v Picard debate, issues about travel, mineral water and benzene, the issues at our church, the current state of Zimbabwe, global warming and many others.
This morning, being the first Sunday of the month, we had a quiet service at 9:30 and a family service at 11. For the first time in ages, we went to both, before joining Betty (9:30 only) for lunch. We stayed a while after, updating the virus checker on her machine and watching the Boat Race. I am pleased to mention a comprehensive victory for the Dark Blues. After that, back home, a bite to eat, an evening service and then home again.

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