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A quiet few days...again

As usual, not a great deal. I've been invited to join Google Analytics to analyse my website and I've started to do that, I've sourced another couple of job opportunities which I will follow up later in the day, I've been to the monthly men's breakfast and the monthly prayer meeting. A trip to Birkenhead to buy the Narnia DVD, a visit to Betty's to sort out a virus issue. Did you know that when Norton reports the "Bloodhound.Morphine" virus, it simply means it has found a suspect file based on its heuristic algorithms and it might not be a real virus at all? I found that out this week.

Now, here is some news. A man is held as a potential terrorist because the taxi driver who took him to the airport heard him listening to "London Calling" (Now war is declared -- and battle come down) and "Immigrant Song" (The hammer of the Gods will drive our ships to new lands, to fight the horde) and called the authprities. Frogmarched off the plane, held for three hours, released without charge. Now, would this have happened if he hadn't been Indian? 1. Would the taxi driver have reported him? 2. Would the airport authorities have done the same?

Jesus walks on ice. Apparently, a researcher at Florida State University has determined that Jesus walked on a freak layer of ice rather than on water. Now, faith is an important thing for Christians, but we must ask: which is more of a challenge to faith? Belief that Jesus walked on water or belief that part of the Sea of Galilee froze over and Jesus deceived his disciples?

Why does "phishing" work? Just in case you're not familiar with it, "phishing" is the strategy of building a fake website that looks like a real financial website and persuading people to enter personal information so that fraud can be committed. There are many strategies for avoiding such scams, and I reckoned I was pretty good. Discussion of these strategies is for somewhere else - not here. But I was caught out by one of the sites mentioned in an article I read last night. It's not still live, but would you spot http://www.bankofthevvest.com as being a dodgy address?

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