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Mr Grumpy

Once we had got up and dressed and scraped the ice from the car, the day seemed to be a little better.
Unfortunately, soon after arriving at work this morning, I dropped Mr Grumpy.
Mr Grumpy is the coffee mug that Viv got me for my birthday in June 1997. He has been my constant companion at work in Hastings, Napier, Auckland (two buildings) and Wellington (two buildings).
Before long, it was lunchtime and the lunchtime meeting of the Bankers Institute. Gagau, from the ANZ, was talking about success through people, drawing on her experience as call centre manager for New Zealand. I also know Gagau from Toastmasters.
After lunch, we all went back to work. At the end of the afternoon, I went off to see Ross to register my ATM Silver before catching the train home. Spaghetti on toast for tea, with an open evening at Naenae College to follow. Naenae is one of the colleges David might be going to next year. Another one is Taita College, but their open day isn't until next week.
It's a cold evening, and it will be another early start tomorrow.
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