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Matthew and the Dalai Lama

Forgotten from Tuesday:
At the end of the BAINZ committee meeting at lunchtime, Mark and I were cutting through the James Cook Hotel to get back from the Terrace to the Quay, when Mark suddenly remarked "There's the Dalai Lama!" and it was so. The Dalai Lama was being escorted, with Paul Holmes (a NZ television interviewer), to a room for an interview. Thank you, Mark, I could have walked straight past him without noticing...
From today:
Lunch with the gentlemen from church before a further section of work, followed by the next seminar of the Business Analyst Institute. The attendance was rather disappointing. We will no doubt be looking at how we can improve this at next Tuesday's committee meeting.
After the seminar and snacks it was time to go to Avalon for the boys' speech contest.
Neither was placed in the field of fourteen speakers. David's "Star Wars" speech was not so successful, but Matthew's "Aliens" speech was highly commended ( =they say nice things but you still don't win a prize).
After that, we came home and I'll be making coffee in a moment before we go off to bed. It's definitely cold tonight.
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