Ian (ringbark) wrote,

May Day

On Saturday, we went to Birkenhead to buy something for Betty's 70th birthday, which is tomorrow. I'll say later what we bought, as there is a theoretical chance that she will read this before her birthday. David came with us into town to buy a present and we met up at Burger King for a late lunch. In the evening, Viv cooked a meal for us and another to take to the lunch after church.
An early start, as we needed to be at church early to put stuff on the board to promote Crosslinks, take a meal over to the rectory and other things. To church we took: a clarinet, 300 leaflets, a chicken dish, a salad, a banner, material for the noticeboard, Viv's notes for prayers and probably other stuff too.
While at the rectory, I was spotted and asked to take our guest speaker over to church. I did that, and talked a bit to him. Later in the service, he was interviewed by the rector about his work and went on to preach from the end of Isaiah 66. After the service, some of us stayed for lunch, where he talked further about mission.
By then, we were pretty tired, but still went back for the evening service. The better known 1 Corinthians 13 was the subject this time. Calvin Zola, Congolese player for Tranmere Rovers, spoke to us at the evenin service. He is very tall...
After the evening service, some talking, then home for pie and chips and an early night.
So far this morning: not very much.
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