Ian (ringbark) wrote,

A week of odds and ends

On Monday, we all went to the Merebrook to celebrate Betty's 70th birthday. Lots of steak consumed, which will upset any vegetarians on my list. They were very good. Before that, we had been round to he house. Our gift was Waterford crystal horses. David gave a necklace, which Viv had untangled before we wrapped it. An unusual money-box came from Christopher; a box of chocolates hastily purchased from the Co-op was Matthew's contribution.
Tuesday saw another visit to Kathryn's house to complete the handover of Crosslinks material. The rest of the day was fairly quiet. The men's breakfast on Wednesday was poorly attended, but did give me a chance to arrange a meeting with Steve (this afternoon, 2pm).
Later, I went to sign on, but to no avail: all signing excused due to industrial action. Is that lexin's lot? I believe it's something about pensions. Still, the trip was not completely wasted, as I spoke to the computer people about Christopher's machine.
Later, it was off to the parish prayer meeting, one of the better ones we have had.
Yesterday was election day. We did our patriotic duty. I voted for a party I have never voted for before. But the craziness is spreading:
Labour loses Brent. Newcastle wasn't Labour in the first place. Ellesmere Port and Neston IS Labour? What has happened while I've been away? People are splitting votes between Third Way and Green? It's all crazy, I tell you, but so is people saying "Happy Star Wars Day - may the 4th be with you" when nobody has done it any month in the 30 years since ANH came out.
Today, trips to computer shops, big cities and a rectory.
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