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11:57 am: Crazy days
Although I have posted memes, notes and other things, there hasn't been a real life post since Friday morning...I must be slipping. On Friday, David and I went to Liverpool to pick up some rail tickets for Viv and her mum. The Liverpool Loop is still closed as the workmen continue to do stuff there, but it means that a trip to Lime Street means a rail replacement bus journey round the labyrinthine one way system. After that, we stopped for a sandwich each (Burger King sandwiches, you understand) before zipping back home to go out and talk about websites with our rector. The discussion stretched further than websites, as one might expect.
Friday night was youth group and curry night.
Saturday morning was a fund raising coffee morning for new pew runners for our church. Pew runners are the lengths of carpet put on pews to make your visit less uncomfortable. The age of the current ones is variously reported as 50 or 70 years. They are in reasonable shape for their age, but are showing signs of it too. One part was a quiz of tough questions - to Viv's embarrassment and my shame, I won it. But only because Google is my friend, even from a phone.
On to the afternoon, where I can't fully remember what we did. I think we went to Birkenhead to buy something, but I may be misremembering. Sunday was the usual collection of services: a short service at 9:30, a family service at 11 and an evening service at 6:30.
On Monday morning, I went off to pick up Chris's laptop, which I hadn't had time to do on Friday, much to his annoyance. I also had to make two trips to the bank. And I bought some washing-up liquid. (What is that called in the US, where washing-up is something you do to yourself rather than crockery and cutlery?)
Just before Matthew got home, I got a call from stickystone (who should put something in his LJ soon) to ask whether I wanted a lift to the meeting at school. What meeting? I found out that it was a meeting for parents and children for the Poland trip. Viv couldn't go, as she had a music practice, so I went to it. Thanks to sheaj34 for the lift, and for keeping me company during a dull and insulting, but probably necessary, meeting.
This takes us to Tuesday, a day of not much for me, but a day when vivh and her mum went to Manchester, one of the trips we picked up tickets for.
As I type this, Viv has gone off to help at "Little Fishes", leaving me to wash some clothes and do some other bits and pieces.

Forthcoming attractions

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Date:May 10th, 2006 04:25 pm (UTC)

probably necessary

"probably", but still not convinced.

Thinking back on it though it was weird to think that there we were more than two decades after meeting sitting in a lecture theatre to hear about a school trip that our sons would be sharing the experience of. (N.B. I have left out all commas so as not show the same level of enlish writing skills as the history teacher putting them in the incorrect places). It is lovely the way the paths of life intertwine together over the years with or without commas!
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Date:May 10th, 2006 04:26 pm (UTC)

Re: probably necessary

the missing g is here
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Date:May 10th, 2006 09:10 pm (UTC)
-for keeping me company during a dull and insulting, but probably necessary, meeting.
Heh, I understand about those. Thanks for updating us about your week. It is sure busy, how did you ever find time before to go in to the office? *g*

I like the bit about the sandwiches too ;)
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