Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Three completely unrelated points

They acted alone?

If we are to believe advance news reports of the report of the 7-7 bombings, we will be told that the perpetrators acted alone. However, reports already in the public domain state that theories suggest all four bombs were supposed to explode in the Underground system but the last one found that the system had already closed down so he made a phone call to find out what to do. And was told to catch a bus. So who did he phone? Two weeks later, four more would-be bombers were caught. The suggestion was that they were using the same supply of explosive as the 7-7 bombers, but it had broken down in the intervening two weeks. If this is true, how did they know where it was? Suggestions that the operation was on a shoestring budget and so couldn't have had anything to do with the main operations also seem implausible: my understanding is that the whole 9-11 operation wasn't expensive in financial terms for those implementing it.

Lake sizes

In two of my countries, there are dominant lakes: Lough Neagh dominates Northern Ireland, and so is the most obvious feature on maps of the British Isles, while Lake Taupo dominates the North Island of New Zealand in the same way. So which is bigger? I finally got round to checking: Lough Neagh has an area of around 388 square kilometres, while Lake Taupo has an area of around 616 square kilometres.


That is all.

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