Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Where they go, I don't know

Goodness gracious me, almost another week has gone...where do the days go?
Let's see now...Friday - lunch was at Mezzini's with Andrew and Richard, while a quick couple of drinks after work saw me still get home pretty early to let Viv help out with the church youth supper.
Saturday, I don't think I did much at all. Viv and the boys went off to an early hockey game. Grocery shopping, curry for tea.
Sunday saw a production of the Noah story by the children at church, with David as Mr. Noah. Sunday afternoon was another tidying afternoon. Roast chicken for tea.
Monday was a day off for the Queen's birthday. We went to Lower Hutt for lunch and to buy birthday presents for Simeon, looked at lots of books, bought a few bits and pieces...
Back to work/school on Tuesday. Viv and her friends were in a state of excitement because of the ERO visit. BAINZ committee at lunchtime. Dutch fish and chips, supported by crab sticks and corn fritters. The leaders' meeting was cancelled and I totally wasted the evening playing Galactic Battlegrounds. It finally dawned on me how pointless that game is, and I don't think I will be playing again for a long time.
So to today, with the promise of a lunch, but unfortunately instead of a decent lunch at an Indian, it became a rushed affair at a Chinese, as Tim had unexpectedly had a meeting scheduled at 1pm. We've just come back from the Open Evening at Taita College, where I was pleasantly surprised by what we saw. The evening was running at somewhat of a disadvantage, however, as industrial action meant that it didn't have any teaching staff present. Nevertheless, the Board of Trustees, the Principal, the teacher aides and the School Council put on a very impressive show of what the College has to offer.
And now, it's the wrap up time of the night. Coffee, cat eviction, throwing clothes in the washing machine - you know the sort of stuff. Early start tomorrow, as I evaluate Pat's vocal variety speech.
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