Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Surprise visit

David was tidying up and I had just started when there was a ring at the doorbell...it was my friend Jonathan, who I last saw in Sydney in 1991. He is back in England briefly, as his father passed away last week. He and his mother came in for a coffee. Now, if Id written a list of a hundred people I'd expect to call, he wouldnt have been on it. But it was great to see him again, and we hope to catch up again before he goes back.
Aside from that, a pretty quiet day. Viv went off to collect Christian Aid appeal envelopes, David went off to his first Confirmation preparation evening. [Note to any Catholics reading - Anglicans tend to be confirmed quite a bit older than Catholics.] When everyone was home, it was nearly bedtime. But with milk arriving at the rate of four pints a day and with two consumers away, I used some up by furnishing half a pint of milk and Kahlua each, and then doing it again. Added to the caffeine in the bed-time coffee, it still had no impact on our ability to sleep.
This morning, we'll be off on a little to trip to Manchester and Altrincham. For the first time in ages, four parties from the family in different places. In three countries, no less, Don't think wee done that before, though the boys staying in NZ while Viv flew from NZ to California while I was flying to England to California must be the closest.
Enough of the rambling. Time to get ready. And no computer for maybe a day and a half.
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