Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Friday night

But first, Thursday. This was a fairly quiet day, in a sense. I got up early and went off to Toastmasters. I was evaluating Pat's speech, and he spoke with considerable enthusiasm about The World Cup, in which Ireland (his team) had just drawn with Germany (his wife's team).
Dave J spoke about his news that his wife and he have just heard that they are to become parents in January, the same news that Ben was also able to furnish about himself and his wife! (but wait, there's more)
At lunchtime, Ming and I just went down to the BNZ Centre and bought dodgy curry for lunch. (This is a kiwi slang term, it just means a cheap curry bought without too much consideration or forward planning...no suggestion about quality, good or bad.)
After lunch, I went off to get my hair cut. It's much shorter and tidier now. While I was waiting, the hairdresser came in with the news that she had just found out that she was pregnant too. It must be something in the water in Wellington just at the moment. Three in one day? Amazing!
Just after I got back, Viv called to say that the car was outside school and wouldn't start. Sandra (thank you) gave the boys a lift to Simeon's birthday party. They were off to eat ice cream and watch the new Spiderman movie.
I made my way back here, and around 7 o'clock Norrie came down to look at the car. A careful study, a judicious hit in the right place with a hammer, and we were off again. Norrie went off to...wherever he was going, thank you, and we went on a short tour of the neighbourhood looking for an open bottle shop, finding one on the second attempt.
Around nine thirty, the boys came back, and it was bedtime soon after that. We slept very soundly, as married couples are wont to do, and woke only just in time to get Friday started properly. I scraped the ice off the car, which had no further problems today. Another curry for lunch, this time at Tulsi.
I had to leave work promptly, so that Viv could attend and help at the youth group's hangi.
Finally, fine news that I have been awarded my Advanced Toastmaster Silver award, good news for me and also for my club (Capital Breakfast 3183), which will now complete the year as a distinguished club. This complements Viv's ATM Bronze, which she was awarded earlier in May. My email signature file has been updated accordingly, but you won't see that unless I send you an email.
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