Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The week gallops away at an alarmng rate

Matthew came home on Sunday afternoon with stories from Poland, which he may or may not share at LJ some time. But I really don't know where the week has gone. Monday was the day we went off to Wirral Grammar School to accept the offer of a place given to David, after which we went off to Birkenhead to buy a maths book for David. Viv reminds me that we had chicken for tea...I think my memory is again scraping the barrel. Tuesday and we went off to a meeting to start planning for a special weekend at church on 7/8/9 July, of which you may well hear more later. Then we bought a birthday present for a friend and went round to her place for a cup of tea and bit of a chinwag before returning home. In the evening, we watched the first couple of episodes of "Lovejoy". He was a rogue, to be sure.
On Wednesday, I was picked up by my friend Jon, with whom I spent most of the day. He's home because his father died last week, but that's not the limit of his problems: his mother needs almost constant care, as her mind is not as sharp as it should be. While there, we listened to a lot of old 45s - that was always a way we spent time in the old days, and he's still as much a music trivia man as ever. We took a couple of breaks to go out for walks, which was time off for him, though we couldn't stay away from home for long.
Back home for evening-meal before we set off for a study on 1 Samuel 1-4. Today was Ascension Day, and also the day on which I heard that +David Urquhart (currently Bishop of Birkenhead) will be the new Bishop of Birmingham. The announcement is here and his c.v. is here. I think it is a good appointment, though we will be sorry to lose him. After the Ascension Day service, we took some time to talk to our Rector, after which we came home as Betty was coming round this afternoon. I zipped off into Birkenhead to buy a book I'm going to give to Jon before he goes back home to Sydney.
Tonight, the Blagovest Ensemble from St Petersburg visited our church and charmed the audience with unaccompanied Russian sacred and folk music. It was some of the finest choral music we have heard in a very long time.
If you are in or near Cumbria, Lancs, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Salop, Warks, Jersey or Surrey and interested in hearing this magnificent ensemble, comment and I'll type the dates and contact details for you.

In unconnected news, any blood donors, especially British ones, are invited to join blooddonors, a community I have just launched.
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