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Zoo and things

On Thursday morning, we went to a friend's house for coffee and a talk, and then Viv went off to the dentist and to see her mother while I didn't do very much. Then after evening-meal we went for a walk to Raby Mere, where we saw ducks and geese, but no keys. There doesn't seem to be any evidence of pedal-boats for hire there at the moment either. Then a walk back home, and a quiet evening.
Friday saw Matthew go off to Liverpool with some friends, but the rest of us didn't do much. We went to Birkenhead and bought some paper and bits and pieces. In the evening we watched a Star Trek episode. Haven't seen one of those for a while.
Today we went to Chester Zoo. It's the first time I've been there since 1991, and it's changed a lot since then. But there are still elephants and giraffes. The jaguar enclosure, sponsored by Jaguar, is one of the finest buildings there, but I didn't see any jaguars at all.
Then we all went off to decorate the church for Pentecost tomorrow, before disappearing off to McD for evening-meal. Boy, those bigger Big Macs and double-quarter-pounders look like they'll keep us thin, and are clearly an example of responsible marketing, as is 2 apple pies for 99p. Of course, the US has had 2 pies for $1 for ages.
But we're home now. Viv has just put on an episode of Morse.
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