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07:27 pm: Pentecost
Sunday morning: Pentecost, the birthday of the church...just after 8 we were on our way to finish decorating the church. Various banners needed to be put in place, along with a series of helium balloons, which needed to be blown up and used to decorate the centre aisle. Once this was done, the church looked very festive indeed, which was possibly incongruous for the more formal 9:30 service with which we started.
The Pentecost Party at 11 was a joyful celebration, but how could it be otherwise? Cake, balloons, pass the parcel, a short talk aimed more at children and a few hymns and spiritual songs and we were on our way.
Lunch at home, later in the afternoon at Betty's before returning for the evening service. A few talks to a few people before and after to find out what was happening, and then we were all set to go home, eat fish and chips and prepare for the new half term for boys and for Viv's trip.
This morning, Viv sorted out and got ready, with lots of exciting things to do. David set off to collect Betty at 12:30, and we caught the train to Lime Street. From there, a quick visit to WHS, then Viv and Betty got on the train to London and David and I got on the train to Bromborough.
Did you know that there is no station on the Merseyrail network with "Crescent" in its name?
Anyway, back home, washing up and things, then on to the evening: pies, potatoes, that sort of thing.

Forthcoming attractions
  • Tuesday evening - our curate Nick speaking on The Da Vinci Code and why it's a load of tosh

  • Wednesday evening - youth group trip to the cinema to see The Da Vinci Code (apparently it's a load of tosh)

  • Thursday evening - David's last confirmation preparation class

  • Friday evening - Matthew and Chris to Pathfinders, the youth group

  • Saturday evening - wait and see

  • Sunday evening - David's confirmation by the Bishop of Birkenhead, soon to be Bishop of Birmingham

  • Monday evening - out to dinner at sheaj34's house - thank you for the invitation - can't believe it's the only free night

  • Tuesday evening - off to Lime Street to collect Betty and Viv

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Date:June 5th, 2006 07:40 pm (UTC)
Whoopeee, a confirmation in the family. I love that sacrament, it's my favourite. If I had to take sides in the Trinity, I'd be sure to be leaning towards the Holy Spirit most days *g*

The DaVinci code is behind the reason dragonfly stopped talking to me, well, her and ezust as a mixed pair of religion knockers! I really lost two good friends there a couple of weeks ago. I don't know why people who don't have faith get more heated and upset and self-righteous than people who do, sometimes. And don't listen. And then blame me... *shrug* I couldn't care less what the DaVinci code said about religion, it had no effect on my faith and I didn't even think it was particularly good writing!!! Not for a 'novel that shook the world'!
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Date:June 5th, 2006 08:42 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear that. I'm fascinated that the non-believers get more offended by religious jokes than I do, or tell their fellow unbelievers that I'd be sure to be offended, when I could definitely beat them on off-colour religious jokes every time.
The Da Vinci Code contains no worthwhile theological issues to discuss. However our rector did raise a very good point in this month's letter: conspiracy theories are not just to attack one particular claim but to cast doubt on any claim, leading to the "guess you just can't believe anything any more..."
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