Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday was a day I spent doing exciting things like washing clothes and things, but I did spend some time preparing some DVDs and some posters.
Of most note in the short term is that Steve James will be playing a one-off concert at Holy Trinity, Poulton Lancelyn, Bebington on 17th June. Tickets £5. All welcome. See http://stevejamesmusic.com/sjlivedates.html for details.
Last night, our curate Nick gave an ecellent presentation on why the Da Vinci Code is tosh. We can only speculate as to why such a poorly researched piece of writing has become so popular.
Today, we started with a breakfast where John spoke to us from Jude 1:1. That was a very good piece of work too. The breakfast after wasn't bad, either.
Later in the morning, David and I went off to Birkenhead to have lunch, get money, buy books, that sort of thing.
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