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So you look at the journal

And think that it's only a day since you wrote in it, but it says Friday night, and now it's Monday night!
So what happened at the weekend? Not a great deal, so far as I remember. Saturday morning was stupid: Viv and the boys had to trek to Newtown, the other side of Wellington for a hockey game before 8am - not enough of the team did this, so they had to default anyway, bu they did get to play a friendly game.
Saturday night we played cards: German whist, rummy, another game of rummy, rosemary. Winners were Viv, Ian, Viv and Viv.
Sunday morning saw a power outage at church: Barry had seen a flash from one of the powerpoles earlier, and most of the lights and power was out. Just after the service started, the electricians who had arrived killed all the power (although it was restored soon afterwards). In a dramatised reading, I took the role of Jesus, which makes a change from my usual roles of Judas, Herod, Caiaphas...
Sunday afternoon saw tidying and shopping.
Monday...back to work. Unlike most of England, I haven't been on holiday for the week, so it wasn't a shock for me to be back at work.
What was a shock was the news that Bruce Simpson has thrown in the towel, which means that Aardvark won't be my first call for news of all things from the NZ world any longer. I can't believe he's packed it all in, and I doubt if he can either.
Lunch was a burger, tea was sausages...
Ella won Viv's table topics contest (as expected). It's pretty much time to go to bed by now, let's see if I can keep the updating going so that I don't have to think back three days at a time...
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