Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Paris trip

Well, I figured, if Viv and her mum can have a trip to Switzerland, maybe I could take David to Paris for the day. It was an early start, but we got to Lime Street on time, and in time to capture the moment...

The train left on time, and was a couple of minutes of early into Euston, so we had time to grab a quick snack and a quick snap of the concourse at Euston. Probably too many railway pictures and not enough Paris pictures here, now I come to look at it, but still!

Straight down the Northern Line to Waterloo, as you do.

That's a pretty good trip, and no mistake. I tried to take a picture while we were actually going through the tunnel. It wasn't my best ever piece of work, as you can see here.

Once we were in Paris, it was all on to do a few things before it was time to get back. A quick trip to the tallest structure in Paris...

and up towards the top, where the view was something like this...

before we went off to the Louvre. There wasn't time to go in, but there was time for me to catch sight of the famous Pyramids, now almost as famous as the Louvre itself.

Then a brisk stroll up the Champs-Elysées, where I couldn't help but take this lively little shot...

No, you can see I couldn't help it. Still, that's the way it goes. Another way it goes is to sprint back to the Gare du Nord, where I caught this picture just as the train left the station.

I didn't take the trouble to snap any more pictures through the tunnel, and it was another sprint across London to catch the last train back to Liverpool. It was just coming up to sunset when we passed Rugby, where all the radio masts are. I've never managed to catch them before, but here they are in all their glory...

A long day, but we're back now. Glad it's the weekend tomorrow!
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