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10:59 pm: This weekend
(I'm having some problems with my laptop...the shift key and the full stop key are the worst, but some others aren't doing quite the right thing.)
We have had some fairly quiet days recently. I think it was Thursday that David and I just went off to BK for lunch, just for a change. We looked around some book and record shops, and I pointed out some things that I might like for Father's Day/my birthday/an impromptu gift.
Friday was pretty quiet. While the boys went off to their youth groups as usual, David and I went off and had a curry at the place I sometimes go with Viv. It was very nice. We had onion bhajee, chicken madras, onion jalfrezi, pilau rice, garlic naan.
More garlic on Saturday, when I cooked some lamb steaks and livened them up with garlic. No vampires here, though David is reading "Dracula" at the moment. Tidying up the place quite a bit on Friday and Saturday, and David doing some more on this today.
After lunch at the Merebrook today, as I had decided Sunday lunch was beyond me this time, we came home and took it easy till Dave and Kate arrived. Well, we took it easy after they arrived too. It was very pleasant to see them again: they were here as David's godfather and godfather's wife. They stayed a while, then went off to get ready.
At church in the evening, we were joined by Dave, Kate, Angela, Ben, Alison, Linda and Gordon. David and seven girls were confirmed by +David Birkenhead, soon to be +David Birmingham. He spoke from Acts, about Paul in Athens.
After, we went home and Dave, Kate, Angela, Ben, Linda, Gordon, Matthew and Christopher joined us. We drank tea and coffee, ate cake and biscuits and talked. It was a pretty good night. It is still oppressively hot and humid here, but that's how some people like it, of course.

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Date:June 12th, 2006 04:25 am (UTC)
Check for crumbs *g* under the keys

The Indian meal sounds delicious.

So did you enjoy the confirmation? A reading from Acts sounds very appropriate for that particular sacrament.
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Date:June 12th, 2006 05:53 am (UTC)
Well, crumbs under the keys could well be the problem...

Yes, the Indian meal was very fine indeed.

Yes, a very enjoyable confirmation, and not at all a bad talk from the Bishop. This is probably one of his last confirmations in our diocese: at the moment he is suffragan bishop in this diocese (like an assistant), but will shortly become Bishop of Birmingham (diocesan bishop of England's second biggest city).
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