Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Weekend with Viv

Viv's return home seems to have coincided with my stopping posting so regularly. I'm sure that this is a coincidence.
After a flustered day for me, and a very long one for her, David and I met Viv and her mum at Lime Street just before 9:45pm.
It was an early start as usual on Wednesday, getting boys up, havng breakfast and kick-starting a day. Our housegroup met as usual in the evening.
On Thursday, we went to buy some paper and get some more preparations for the weekend of 7/8/9 July made. Friday, Viv went to her usual Friday morning event (after a week away) while the rest of us pursued our usual pursuits. I moved the hosting of my oldest website, http://baptism.co.nz/ , and see that it's still receiving lots of visits and in need of major overhaul. As well as being cheaper, I get better reporting on where visitors are coming from.
Friday night, and we were off to the youth events, not so much to pick up our boys as to talk more to the leaders about the events of the forthcoming Won World Weekend.
And this morning to a prayer meeting for Harry and Viv P, who will be going to Tanzania in October for a year. After that, coffee and a walk back through my old stamping-ground back to Bebington station, before we returned home. And none of the boys missed us.
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