Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Catch another week

Let's see. The week wasn't bad, but it was quite busy. Viv and I are still working hard, preaparing for the Won World Weekend on 7/8/9 July. There were other things during the week, some of them in that area, but the most important thing was a job interview in Chester today. Yesterday was spent getting a haircut, making sure I knew where my suit was and completing an online aptitude test.
This morning, I was up early to prepare for the interview, along with collecting birthday cards and presents. The boys got me the DVD of the coomplete "Pink Panther" cartoons. Watched so far: 2. Still to watch: 122.
After the interview, it was back here. Viv's mum came round for the afternoon, the boys came home, Viv and I went out to Frankie and Benny's for evening-meal. A mixed platter to start, a bacon and avocado salad for Viv, chicken, orange and spaghetti for me, washed down with too many margharitas. So this entry is shorter than it might otherwise have been. Thank you to those of you who have offered birthday greetings. I appreciate it. This time last year, we were in Anaheim, having just left New Zealand. And 22 years ago, we were just coming home: I had taken Viv out for the first time, to dinner and a show - the Everyman Bistro and "When The Wind Blows". But that wasn't a date. We were just friends. It was a very long time ago.
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