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Answering Holly

In answer to mrs617 questionnaire at http://hollys-reading.livejournal.com/368452.html So. You have a choice, answer only one, or a few or all. And I expect a lot of people to comment here, so don't you dare disappoint me! This means you!

1. Tell me a nickname you've had, who gave it to you and if you like it or not.
At high school, there were two nicknames I got, and I hated both of them. So why should I give them any further promotion here? The people at Port Vila Hash House Harriers called me ringbark and you'll have to ask them if you want to know why. As you can tell, I'm happy with that name. And at primary (elementary) school, they sometimes called me "The Professor". Probably ironic, but I took it at face value.

2. Tell me what you wished you would've been named instead of the name you have (even if it was when you were a kid).
Sometimes I wanted to have be called Paul and sometimes Stephen. Famous martyrs. And in those days, I didn't have any faith.

3. Tell me your favourite Disney movie.
Pinocchio. The music is magnificent, the story of redemption is an inspiration.

4. Tell me your favourite fruit.
Maybe banana, because you can eat it without thinking. But wild raspberries turn any day into a special occasion.

5. Tell me what your yard looks like.
Grass, trees, leading onto a small wood at the bottom.

6. Tell me how old you were when you had your first crush, and what his/her name was.
I really cannot remember.

7. Tell me what you had for dinner on Sunday.
Chicken, roast potatoes, cauliflower, carrots; raspberry cheesecake with cream; white wine. A very fine lunch for our family at my mother-in-law's home.

8. Tell me your favourite dessert.
Pavlova with whipped cream, decorated with kiwi-fruit or raspberry. Reason enough in itself to move to New Zealand. Ask 617

9. Tell me about your favourite outing in the last year.
So many to choose from. Maybe the sightseeing trip to London last August in place of the sightseeing we couldn't do when we arrived in London on the morning of 7/7. We went on the London Eye, saw "The Mousetrap", did lots of other cool things. I'm not sure our trip to Florence and Pisa would count as "an outing".

10. Tell me a short story about a stuffed animal you have/had
Please visit http://ringbark.livejournal.com/299055.html for this.
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