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Won World

This week has been pretty much dominated by preparations for the Won World Weekend. Viv and I have spent most of our time meeting with people, visiting supermarkets, preparing food and similar.
On Wednesday morning, the monthly men's prayer breakfast took place. This was the first time I had been asked to speak at the event: in fact, I think it's the first time I have spoken at any sort of event since we got back here. I chose to speak on the beginning of Psalm 1. Then it was back home, but soon after that Viv went off to shop for salads and things. She and a friend came back just before 11 o'clock, and after unpacking, they gave me a lift to the jobcentre on their way somewhere else.
The church's main monthly prayer meeting was on in the evening, and that gave us a chance to make a last call for assistance for the tent.
At just before 6 o'clock, we arrived at the church hall to set up the marquee. 85' x 36' (26m x 11m) is a fair size for a marquee, and in total, a team of a dozen for the first half and about six after that took nearly four hours to assemble it. For some of that time, John N was addressing a group in the hall.
Just before 10, Will gave me a lift home to pick up some things for Viv and David, who were sleeping in the tent last night. Why not me? 1. I don't do tents. 2. Someone needed to sort out the other two boys this morning.

Today is 7/7, a year on from the London bombings, and a year since our arrival in Britain. Go here: http://ringbark.livejournal.com/2005/07/07/
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