Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Weekend: a quick catch-up

Saturday morning: woke up in time for Viv to go off to a "visioning day" with the board of Avalon Intermediate School, while I took the boys to Fraser Park for hockey. They played the Wellington Indians and drew 0-0, which is disappointing for both sides, because the game was more exciting than that.
Then we bought some chicken and chips. After that, we played "Flutter". That's an old, but popular here, board game.
The evening saw me pop out to get another curry, but not much else.
Sunday: Up early for church, not much happening. In the afternoon, we were taking our worn-out old settee to the dump. Unfortunately, my hand slipped while I was holding the door up, it fell onto the not yet in place settee. Broken rear windscreen: expense, inconvenience, no car for a couple of days. After that, the evening seemed very quiet by comparison.
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