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Won World Weekend

No updates during the weekend itself, largely because we were too busy or too tired to do so. Viv had been staying in the tent on Thursday night and then went on to her Coffee Plus group. A lunchtime, she was home and we spent some of the time cooking and organiseing before we got a lift up to church for the evening. Sorting out the hall, putting out the food for the evening event and making sure it all happened as it should. What happened was a time of eating and chatting while Sally and the band played some songs, then some time to listen to her own songs. An interview with John and Peggy, our visiting speakers from Chicago, some more songs, an epilogue and one song from Steve to close the evening. After that, sorting out and tidying up the hall, followed by a lift to an unrelated party - sheaj34's husband's graduation party. An hour or so there and I was past it. Nothing at all wrong with the event - just with me.
We arrived early on Saturday morning for another day: setting up for John's talk, for some seminars after morning tea and for a children's event in the tent out the back. Once the leaping about had finished and our speaker got started, I was able to listen to the beginning of his talk. It seemed very good, but I couldn't stay, as I was getting a lift down to Asda to pick up 144 chicken portions and some bread. Now, I think I may have bought slightly too much bread, but all the chicken was eaten, along with most of the sausages and burgers and other food too. After lunch, the children and family's event continued: bouncy castle, bubbles, face painting and so forth while the rest just stayed in the hall and talked more. Four o'clock was tent removal time. The big truck arrived, the tent came down...and again, thanks to all those who helped do it, especially those who folded and stacked the chairs. I am so glad there was no event on Saturday night!
Sunday morning: off we went! This was to sort out the hall again, and to meet the Williams family. As well as organisers of the weekend, we are also the parish representatives for Crosslinks, their organisation. A few minutes after ten, as arranged, they arrived, looking enough like their photos to be recognisable. They seem a lovely family, and I was very pleased to meet them. David and Rachel told us about their work in Kenya during the service, and David spoke from the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew chapter 5.
A generous lunch followed, supported with an A to Z presentation telling us about their life and work. The lunch was a combination of the things that had been brought by people and the food left from the previous day. As well as the Williams lunch, it was also our Sunday Club's end of year party.
By the time we had everything sorted out, it was almost too late for us to go home before the evening event, so we locked up the hall and went off to the supermarket to get some things for us to eat: Viv wanted something less institutional. I think she got some prawn cocktail sandwiches or something.
We went back and relaxed a bit, before putting out some chairs and some snacks and helping David and Mark fix up the sound and vision for the big screen. The evening service started earlier than usual at 6 o'clock, as has been announced for several weeks, but that didn't stop a significant number of people arriving in time for 6:30. Steve was speaking from three short passages on a theme of "winning and losing". Straight afterwards, it was time for the screen and data projector to be sprinted over to the hall for the game to be shown on the screen. Very early on, a lot of people saw the penalty scored, but interest in the game unfortunately fell, and collapsed completely at 90 minutes. We were tired, so we knocked off the coverage and packed up the gear, cleaned up the hall and went home. So we missed the head-butt that everyone is talking about. Nevertheless, the whole of the weekend was a success, an event that has built our church fellowship.
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