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03:28 pm: Whirligig, Thursday
The week started fairly slowly as I worked through a couple of job applications that weren't going anywhere, as it turned out. This was something of a disappointment, but I'm much happier to receive a "no" than to be left dangling, hanging, wondering for possibly months (even though I know what the answer must be).
On Tuesday morning, sheaj34 came round for coffee, on a very hot morning. Later in the day, I went off into Birkenhead to buy a new rotary washing line, or whirligig as they come to have been called. It's an interesting word, which variously means a spinning top, a sort of water beetle, a helicopter or a washing line. In any case, we now have one, largely because the other one, possibly dating from the 1970s, has had its lot.
Wednesday, according to some reports, was the hottest day in England since 1911, and it certainly was pretty warm. A high of 33C was the forecast high.
Today, I have received a couple of leads for jobs, one of which will mean I travel to Bradford for an interview tomorrow night. So if anyone here will be in Bradford, I'll be pleased to hear from you. Similarly, as I'll be travelling back via Leeds and Manchester, people there might like to catch up with me for a beer on the station as I change trains.
This afternoon, Viv had a friend round for coffee. They sat out on the patio, if you can call it such: it's a lot cooler today but still pretty warm.
The wearthermen predicted showers today, but they came overnight, "in true Camelot fashion", as Viv said.

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