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Hot Bradford

Matthew and I set off happily for Bromborough Station, where we caught a late-running train to Liverpool. It was an uneventful journey to Liverpool, and except for being very hot, there was nothing remarkable about the trip to Leeds and Bradford. The metro train in Leeds has five seats across the carriage, where on Merseyrail it is only four.
Once we go to Bradford, there was plenty of time before my interview, so we walked into town and I tried to figure out where I was supposed to go. The map I had printed out seemed to bear very little resemblance to the actual city, but I did find the place eventually. It was still very hot, but I found a place to buy a cola and I sheltered in a car park in the shadow of "The Office Suite" just over the road from the Bradford Dominica association. Anyone with a detailed knowledge of Bradford will know where my interview was. It lasted over an hour, covering my life story, some technical questions and some issues about the company's business. I set off back to the station where I met up with Matthew and we went back home, again very hot all the way.
At Bromborough station, I met up with Viv, and we went off for a curry (as we often do) before I returned home.
Today, it was an early start for the Maranatha seminar at church. It was quite interesting, and an unusual experience for us to go along to an event in which we had ni part in the organisation of it.
We're back home now, watching the end of the play at the Open today on the television.
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