Ian (ringbark) wrote,


Managed to get up early on Monday, as you will have seen. Got to the bus stop in time to catch the 7:38, which connected with the 7:45 train. Amazing! I don't normally catch one so early. Caught up with some of the articles in last week's Economist on the way to work.
By lunchtime, it was really cold and miserable. Reminder: seasons are reversed in New Zealand, it's winter at the moment. I went across the road to the new Wishbone store and picked out a heat and eat meal. We have a microwave oven in the office kitchen, but there are no forks there! I managed to borrow one from a friend...
The weather was some of the worst I have seen in a long time (even worse than the last time I said the weather was bad) and it just kept on raining. We took a taxi up to Upper Hutt to get to the evaluation contest. Ella won it, I think to her own surprise.
This morning it wasn't so easy to get up, but it was drier. Lunchtime today saw a presentation at the Bankers' Institute about the Housing New Zealand Corporation. Not bad, but not the most exhilarating talk ever.
What was next? Oh, yes, the glass company called - the new windscreen hasn't arrived yet so we're carless for another day. Not good.
Viv had an Avalon Board meeting tonight and I had Vestry. Viv got a lift with someone else from the Board, I got a lift with the babysitter's mother. Vestry was ordinary for the most part too. When I got back, Viv was in the process of losing a game of Galactic Battlegrounds. I made coffee, we drank that and ate the other half of the plum pudding we had started last night. And now I'm just wrapping up a diary entry before calling it a day.
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