Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The week in brief

On Monday morning, when it was still quite fine, we set off by train to Liverpool/Preston/Penrith and by bus to Keswick, where a couple from church had generously offered the use of their cottage for the week. We had luch in town, bought some groceries and jumped in a taxi to the cottage, which really was a very lovely place, in Applethwaite, about 45 minutes walk from town.
The weather deteroriated sharply on Monday afternoon, and was just silly by the evening. Tuesday was better and Wednesday a little bitter. On Thursday, we had the opportunity to go for a boat ride on Derwentwater, the local lake, and then the rest of them played some crazy golf while I minded the bags and drank a lime slushy. I know that some readers like the occasional detail.
Friday was a little bit drizzly for the most part, and this morning we caught a very full Virgin train from Penrith to Wigan on our way back home. Asda have very kindly delivered a mass of groceries to us this evening, so we should be all set.
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