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Crescendo week

The week started very quietly, with not much happening. The high spot of Monday was a trip to the bank, followed by a walk around Port Sunlight. Tuesday was a quiet day too.
A flurry of excitement on Wednesday, with a job to apply for, and then later in the day, a visit to wish stickystone a happy birthday before we set off to a Crosslinks prayer meet
ing in the evening.
On Thursday, Betty, vivh's mum, came to visit us in the afternoon, during which time there was a stupendous thunderstorm.
On Friday, Viv went off for coffee, I didn't, and then we sent to see Steve about his Steve James Music website. Later on, we went off to dinner at Debbi and Ian's place. Like so many evenings, a night of fine food, good company and interesting conversation. But, most of the time, private conversation at dinner parties has no place in a public weblog.
That brings us to this morning. The weather is no better: it is still horribly overcast and drizzly. We're back from praying for Harry and Viv P, and only one boy appears to be fully risen and shone.
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