Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Long weekend

I woke late on Saturday, to find Viv had already gone to Birkenhead, where she bought some curtains which, following the discovery they were longer than expected, are now adorning our living room. The rest of Saturday was pretty quiet, partly because I had a sore arm, probably the result of sleeping awkwardly on it. No cause for alarm: my arm is fine by now.
Sunday morning: a sermon on discipline from +Colin in the morning, an afternoon at Betty's, a sermon from Steve on St Paul's shipwreck in the evening. And after the service, nobody seemed to want to go home.
Today, a quiet day (a public holiday) with lunch at the Merebrook with Betty and all of us. I had a mixed grill. Bad me. Then we came home and the rest of the day has drifted.
Some of the evening listening to YouTube videos, some of it online chatting to amuzulo, some of it looking at the CSS pages vivh has been designing.
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