Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Thursday lunchtime

The week has shot by. Monday was a quiet day, as I said, but Tuesday was pretty quiet too, except for the purchase of a new laptop to replace one which has a fan that makes it sound as if it is ready for take-off. It's noticeable that less needed copying off the old one, as more and more of the applications I use hold their data on the web. I don't know if this is a good thing or not.
An early start on Wednesday, as we went to see Betty off to London to visit a friend, before going into Birkenhead and buying a load of clothes and things for those about to start school.
Another prayer meeting in the evening, as we continue to pray for the replacement for Steve, our rector, whose last services with us will be this Sunday, 3rd September.
Those interested in applying, or who just want to know more about our parish and what we do, should have a look at our Parish Profile, which is available here (8.7MB download, 32 pages).
And that brings us to this morning...afternoon. We'll be going to see Steve this afternoon, along with a visit to the bank. Then another event in the evening and it will be the end of another day.
Another day when I won't have done some things around the house or online that I should have done.
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