Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Friday night is almost over

Spent the morning washing clothes, washing dishes, getting the day under way. After lunch, worked on The Smirks website, which has now got the John Peel session available, for which I am very grateful to someone who just emailed to ask if I was interested in getting a copy. Added to that, there are new tour dates and new photos, so that it is building to be an almost useful site.
Then this evening, we went with one of Viv's friends to a charity concert for Habitat for Humanity - a team from our church are going out to Kenya later this month. The concert was by a group called The Nissens, and if they have a web presence, I haven't found it. Their singer, Hannah, is one of the ones going to Kenya.
The trip over to Heswall was quite interesting, as I think Viv and I were the only ones who knew how to get from Bromborough to Heswall Hall, but we got there while the band was setting up. They started at 9:30pm, playing a mix of old and new standards. I'm not a dancer, but when you're in Heswall and the band starts playing Teenage Kicks, then I'd say there isn't much of a choice. (and if you don't know why that is, ask and I'll tell you)
The concert carried on, but we left at about ten to midnight, by which time I think they were winding up. Last orders had been called, other people were leaving.
Now, we're back here again, and in a few minutes it will be coffee-time and bed-time.
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