Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Sunday afternoon

Don't seem to have stopped moving, but presumably we have done.
Up early on Thursday morning for the usual Toastmasters meeting. What happened there? A speech about following your own way by Corinne, a speech about the origins of the New Testament by Mary. On to work, then to lunch, then to the evening. Thursday night saw a meeting of the new Toastmasters committee, to which I was invited. After that, home, picked David up from music practice, talked about what else would be happening on Sunday morning.
Friday morning, can't remember what happened. Went to the Rose and Crown for lunch, don't recommend that as a place to go regularly. After work, the last of the champagne cocktails left over from last Thursday, then on to Stokes Valley for the pool party Viv was organising. Bought sausages, bought raffle tickets, amazed that people steal lottery tickets at fundraising events, but that's the way it is.
Saturday morning, up early for Matthew's birthday. Opened up the presents, had fun looking at them, Viv bought breakfast at McDonalds in Silverstream. Once again, they screwed up the order. Don't know why we go there.
I had the good fortune to be going to the Diocesan Synod Regional Committee - that kept us going from 9:30 till an unexpectedly early 3:00, after which it was home to set up for Matthew's party. This was an event which would involve computer games and pizza. We were home sometime after 10 and it was another early night, sort of.
Sunday morning, I was preaching. The sermon will find its way onto my website at some point, all being well, but it's not been typed up yet.
After lunch, a fairly quiet afternoon, cleaning the fridge, shopping, getting ready for the rest of the week.
It's the last week of term coming up now. It can't come too soon!
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