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12:58 pm: The weekend
Saturday, as you might expect from the last entry, started pretty slowly, and we just about got going before lunchtime. Still, Saturday afternoon was a little more productive: it seemed that almost all of our dishes and pans needed washing, but it took well under an hour to fix all of that.
Then we went round to Betty's place to check that all was well, before returning home. I fixed up a few bits on the Smirks website - it seems to have corrupted versions of four of the songs, which I hope to correct soon. Meanwhile, vivh added a couple of pages to her website - see http://vivh.com/ for it - and painted another picture.
Night followed, and then this morning came, our rector's last day here.
Steve spoke from St Paul's first letter to the Thessalonians, noting that Paul had far less than thirteen years. He stressed the main themes of faith, love and hope, and pointed out that these are all active: our work is produced by faith, our labour is prompted by love and our endurance is inspired by hope.
At the eleven o'clock service, he dedicated Geoff and Rachel's little Charlotte to God. For them, it was a hard day, as Geoff's father died overnight: nevertheless, they felt that it was the right thing for the service to go ahead. Their whole family are together to support each other.
Steve also spoke of the importance of sharing our discoveries with others: you wouldn't keep the cure of a disease to yourself: neither should we keep a message more important than that to ourselves.
It was very bright this morning, but the gloom and the light drizzle has returned.

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Date:September 3rd, 2006 07:49 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your interesting updating here. I found it all rather inspiring and I'm going to have to think about it all now.

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