Ian (ringbark) wrote,

And in the end...

In the afternoon, we took things fairly easy. David came back from the archry club wearing a new badge that said "Bebington Archers". And why not? http://www.bebington-archers.co.uk/
Soon after that, we set off for Steve's last service as Rector of Bebington. The church was absolutely packed as we had a fairly ordinary service, though with two songs by Steve (or was that in the morning? or both?). Steve wasn't preaching a touchy-feely "haven't the last 13 years been fun" sermon, but instead preached further from the story of Paul's shipwreck. After the service, refreshments, and then an unusual tribute in the form of a music-hall, where sketches played on his foibles and mannerisms, but also had serious tributes, a medley of Steve's songs, poems and thoughts from members of the community and similar. Steve couldn't find the piece of paper with something he wanted to read, which was perfectly typical. We presented him with a framed picture of the church and rectory and a book of great preachers.
Lots of people stayed and said a few words to him before he left. As I type this, he and Rachel will be flying to Toronto and then on to Vancouver, where they will be spending a few days holiday before Steve spends some time leading a mission at his previous church.
This morning, it was an early start and then off to the job centre. But I'm back now.
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