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Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning

It's the last day of the long summer break.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to Bebington to deliver various things to various people, before returning home for an evening meal. Then Viv went out to a music group meeting while I stayed at home and downloaded some music. After checking that, it was nearly time to turn in.
This morning, we have started much earlier, but not nearly as early as we will tomorrow.

I have heard comments that I spend an inordinate amount of time washing up, and a suggestion that we need to get a dishwasher. There are various reasons, in my opinion, why this is not the case.
1. Viv and I don't spend that much time washing dishes: sometimes, it takes longer than it should, but that's because for one reason or another we haven't cleaned up from one meal before the next comes around.
2. We don't have room for a dishwasher and are still unconvinced that they are much of a timesaver.
3. Sometimes we have interesting conversation while washing and drying the dishes.
4. I had assumed that mentioning "washing dishes" was reasonably safe. I'm reluctant to mention details of many things that we do during a day, bearing in mind that there are a large number of people, both LJ users and non-LJ users, who read this journal. I've never divulged much about money, sex and power here, even though those are the prime motivators of most of us. Personal details, who we visit, what I do, anything controversial: these things will not necessarily be written here, any more than you tell secrets on a picture postcard. This means that, although some things do get mentioned here, a lot of it is a comment of meals and washing dishes.

Note for North American readers: "Washing up" is a phrase in British English which refers to crockery, pans and cutlery, as distinct from "washing", which is what people do to themselves or to clothes.
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