Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The end of a busy week

Tuesday afternoon we went to Lime Street to pick up Betty from Lime Street. She has had a good holiday with fine weather, but has done in her back and leg.
On Wednesday, the first day of the school year, I got up even earlier than the boys, as it was the day for the monthly prayer breakfast. I started by walking the station, the first of what would later prove to be five trips to the station. At the breakfast, our curate retold the story of Joseph, and his run of bad luck with his brothers (who sold him into slavery), Pharaoh's assistant's wife (who framed him up on a rape charge) and the cupbearer (who forgot all about him) and how Joseph still trusted the Lord to do what was good through it all.
Later on, I went back to Bebington with Viv, who was going to help sort out a mother and baby group (not my thing at all) and then back to church again later to try to fulfil an order for some CDs. A visit to the bank at the end of the day and the church's main prayer meeting rounded out the day with a further two trips in each direction. The walk from home to the station took about thirteen minutes when we first got here, but by now we are fitter and walk faster. I will have to measure it again soon. I know that the nominal ten thousand steps we are supposed to walk each day for health is fulfilled by four return journeys from home to the station with no extras.
On Thursday, Viv was out at Angela's place when Betty called, but I later joined Viv and Angela for coffee, chat and discussion about weight. The scales at Angela's place seem more trustworthy, though they do put me at 17st 3lb. I remember when I was 15st, and that's where I want to be again. For metric people, it's current 110kg, wanted 95kg.
Anyhow, I spent most of Thursday and Friday sorting out (a) job applications (b) websites. It's easier to fix up a website than to get a job, but it doesn't pay the bills.
Friday night saw us take out first trip of the school year to Pathies, followed by a trip round Bebington, followed by going home. And that's about it.
Saturday morning has got going and we're starting to fix up a plan for the afternoon and evening, which probably includes more dishwashing, and maybe even the eating of some potatoes, though I don't know yet how they will be cooked.
(N Amer readers: "fulfil" is the correct spelling in Britain)
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