Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Saturday: delivery of a couple of CDs, some groceries, final changes to the music website at http://thesmirks.com/ - now with higher quality music and a consistent look and feel!
Sunday was a pretty quiet day, apart from the usual church services. We weren't sure what to expect at the first services after Steve had left, but the world hadn't ended. In the morning, Nick spoke from the beginning of St John's gospel. He contrasted his style of reading a book (read it once, straight through) with his wife's (have a quick look to see how it ends, then read it several times to get all the detail) and admitted that Sam's method is better for St John - the last verses of the last two chapters explain why it was written. After the service, I seemed to spend ages talking to various people, so much so that Viv and the wardens were practically dragging us out of the church at the end.
Sunday afternoon was much quieter: Sunday evening had Steve preaching from the first chapter of Ezekiel. Now there's a strange passage to study. After that, more talk, then home.
I was on six trains yesterday: Bromborough to Liverpool, Liverpool to Southport and Southport to Bescar Lane, and then the same again but in reverse. The purpose was to buy a new outfit for my forthcoming licensing as a Reader at Chester Cathedral. The previous set were lost in unfortunate circumstances on a train in Wellington, and reading the insurance policy, it seems that it's not worth writing a claim for garments purchased 14 years earlier, even if they're not worn day-to-day.
So I now possess (again) a cassock, surplice, blue scarf and academic hood. vivh will no doubt be posting some pictures soon.
Last night, Viv, David and I went up to school for the introductory talk to sixth form (year 12) pupils and their families. The rules and guidelines seem straightforward: turn up, work hard.
And this morning, we're waiting for an order from Asda, after which the day will continue, with the usual mundane bits of life like washing dishes and filling in application forms.
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