Ian (ringbark) wrote,

It was warmer this morning, but still cold and rainy. As I looked out of the window at breakfast time, sheets of rain were falling the whole length of the Valley and I decided that it would definitely be a stay indoors day.

This wasn't so constructive as it might have been, but the bread for breakfast, supplemented by cereal, seemed to be popular. I finished reading Episode III of The Plant to myself while the boys played with Lego. We spent some of the morning tidying rooms and playing computer games, while after lunch (mince and rice, much to Matthew's disappointment) we had another game of Risk, which brightened Matthew.

The weather had improved too, by the time we had finished watching or ignoring the afternoon cartons. Accordingly, we set off to New World to buy an assortment of groceries. A new key card promotion has started, so I acquired one, but found that none of the things I had bought qualified. Tonight we had the chicken that David had been looking forward to, with ice cream to follow. Other things we are looking forward to as the week progresses include sweetcorn. Further, I have finally remembered to buy some shampoo and hope to remember to put some new soap in the bathroom so that I don't have to carry on using the pitiful little piece that will probably only last a couple more days.

I didn't feel quite so bad about feeling cold when I saw on the news that the worst storm to sweep across the North Island in years has been upon us, causing the Napier-Taupo, Napier-Taihape and Desert Roads to be closed, along with widespread damage on the East Coast. Napier and Hastings, we are told, were without power this morning. I'll call someone in Hastings tonight and find out what it was really like, but it doesn't sound good.
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