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It's Thursday night already - revisited

We're up to Thursday, but Tuesday afternoon and most of Wednesday are something of a blur...I think that I went out for a walk with Viv on Tuesday afternoon, but the details are vague. And I know we did something yesterday...Viv went off to the group of mothers and babies she helps with, and came back later. Then we caught the train and walked up to Debbi's place, where we looked at John chapter 1.
Today we went into Liverpool where I gave blood again, before buying some cheap drinking glasses and some lunch. Then I bought the latest "Record Collector", which has a feature on Stiff, before going to Liverpool Central. The loop line had just closed as a result of a fault. By the time we walked to James Street, it had just reopened...
We got the train home, then spent an hour or so at Betty's place.
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