Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Sunday morning, out of bed, me

On Friday morning, Viv and I walked up towards Coffee Plus, and then I set off to the bank to pay in a couple of cheques. But on my way there, I was spotted by Margaret, and we talked for about half an hour about all manner of things: people, places, society, money, all the usual things...then it was off to the bank.
After lunch, some tidying up, and the in the evening, while David took Chris to Europa Pools and Matthew went off to see Jegsy Dodd and the Original Sinners at Woodside. But for me, the first half of the BBC Stiff Records extravaganza on BBC Four. And after that, bedtime.
Saturday started a bit slowly, but just after noon, Ted picked us up for a lunch buffet at his and Brenda's place, where there were about a dozen in total: some we knew, some not, but the conversation flowed, as did the wine. A spread of food, both good for you and less good for you: no complaints at all there. The party carried on until around four, but just as we were leaving, another lady called round, and conversation started up again. It was a great day.
In the evening, after so much adventure, things quietened down with the second half of the Stiff series, which took up the rest of the evening.
Now, Viv has gone off to church to prepare to play with with the Music Group, while I am about to set off with Christopher. By the time we return, David will have set off for archery, assuming the weather stays fine, which I am fairly sure it will.
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