Ian (ringbark) wrote,


The rest of Saturday was quite quiet. I didn't hear from David or Viv, and took this to be good news. In the evening, bangers and mash, a dish not frequently served here.
On Sunday, we woke, had breakfast and went off to hear David Jack speak from John ch 3. Lunch at Betty's: for once, we fitted round the table without the need for any stools to be added, as we were only four in number. Chicken and stuff for lunch, with just a half-bottle of wine, seeing as there were only two boozers present.
The boys bailed out shortly after lunch, but I stayed till about 3:30, and arrived home shortly after Viv's return. In the evening a review of Ezekiel and the four faces of God in the vision in the first chapter: the first face is human, representing intelligence; the second is a lion, representing royalty; the third is an ox, representing strength; the fourth is an eagle, representing compassion, a facet of the eagle I didn't know about until Steve B mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. There was also a striking presentation of "My Way" before the sermon, which I will try to find a copy of. After the service, lots of conversation, some of it with a couple I haven't seen since 1983. The lady used to work with my mother then. We were both pretty young then, of course. She couldn't believe that I had a son seventeen years old.
Monday was pretty quiet too. A set of limbs arrived for David's bow...unfortunately they don't fit, so we need to sort that out with the supplier. Some work with recruitment people, some work at Wikipedia, some website stuff...
This morning, the discovery that one of my credit cards has been used for transactions I don't recognise. That's not a happy thing to have happened, and I'm in discussion with them too.
And in a few minutes, off with vivh to have coffee with sheaj34. And I need to be back early, just in case I do happen to get a call from the recruitment person at 11:30 like her colleague said.
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