Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Saturday morning, early

But first, Thursday evening, late.
The journey to music practice was an interesting one. As soon as we reached Silverstream, there was a steady stream of traffic, such as I had never seen on that stretch of road, and it continued that way all the way to church. My first thought was that an event at St Pat's was slowing everything down. Indeed, something was just finishing there, but it wasn't the reason. A steady stream up Moonshine Road going the other way too. On my way home, it clicked what had happened: the state highway must have been closed.
On Friday morning, someone at work told me that this was indeed the case, but don't know why. Usually a bad accident at the bottom of Moonshine Road is what causes it.
Friday saw another cold, wet morning and the rain kept up for the most of the day. The BAINZ committee loses a member this weekend, as Jody leaves us, and some of the committee met at Chicago to say goodbye over lunch.
Friday evening, and dinner was served, although the main focus of the night seemed to be the Clone Campaigns which has been bought as part of various birthday presents.
The late evening was spent playing the game, watching Blue Heelers, in which the old regular character Clancy made a surprising and welcome reappearance.
This morning, and it was preparation for hockey and going out into the fog for the rest of them, while I stayed here. I just missed getting to the phone in time to catch my parents-in-law, but I called them back and they were pleased to wish me a happy birthday for tomorrow. It doesn't seem anything like a year since the last one. So now I'm just catching up with email, news and other stuff before the day kicks into action.
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