Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Birmingham and Manchester

Up quite early yesterday as I prepared for the epic journey to the Second City...a suit, a tie, all the usual stuff and then set off to Chester station. I caught an earlier train to Crewe than I was expecting - Arriva Wales rather than Virgin, and then an earlier train to Birmingham - Central rather than Virgin. I arrived in Birmingham in the pouring rain, and found my way to the famous place I used to grab a quick bite to eat years ago when I lived there. It's still the same store, but it's been seriously refurbished in the meantime.
Then I drifted up Needless Alley - boy has that place changed - and went up to the Cathedral where I was first licenced as a Reader over eighteen years ago. The Tuesday talk was just starting, and it was interesting to hear what the speaker had to say. He was talking about Saul and David, and about the issues of feeling undervalued.
After that, I wandered round Birmingham filling in time till my interview. Did you know that there are now direct services from Birmingham Snow Hill to Marylebone?
Just before 3:30, I found my way to the place of interview, where an interviewer explained his department and the role, followed by an in-depth general and technical discussion. Then he looked a his watch and we were both surprised that it was 5:20! Soon after that, we stopped; I caught the Central train to Lime Street where Viv met me.
Then off home - something to eat and a quiet evening.
This morning, the monthly prayer breakfast (Psalm 27:1-5) and then home, before setting off to talk to a recruitment consultant in Manchester.
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