Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Tuesday night

Well, my LJ is now full of memes, videos, invitations and private notes, but a real diary entry is one thing that seems to be lacking. Thursday of last week was probably a quiet day, but it may not have been. We went off to do some bits and pieces in Birkenhead, and then Viv went to a friend's house while I came home.
Friday morning, Viv went off to her group while I started sorting out some more job-related things, and they seem to be starting to come together.
Friday night was the fund-raiser for Harry and Viv, who are about to go off to Tanzania. The Nissens played their songs, there was food, there was a auction and in all a decent figure (around £1200, $2200 or NZ3400) was raised. That makes for a worthwhile night.
Saturday, a quiet day (I think - I don't take enough notes)
Sunday: the usual services, with John's gospel in the morning and Ezekiel in the evening. Between the two, lunch and a visit to Betty's place.
That takes us up to yesterday, when I sorted out some details for interviews, and the week is starting to look full. This evening there was a phone interview with a globally recognised company, while I have further interviews in London on Thursday and Nottingham on Friday morning, before we go off to Manchester on Friday night to support Steve as he is inducted as Rector in his new church.
Then on Saturday, at Chester Cathedral, I will be licensed as a Reader in the Diocese of Chester in the Church of England. You're all invited, of course.
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