Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Thursday night

Well, yesterday started slowly, but it got quicker as the day went on. Preparation for interview, but not as much as it should have been, and then in the evening a study based on John 3. I'm pretty saure we went to see a friend and then did some shopping before we went to see Angela...but that might have been another day. Pretty sure it was Wednesday.
Anyway, this morning, after breakfast and washing the dishes I sorted out all the things for the epic trip (London Docklands, the wilds of Nottingham, Rusholme Manchester, home, Chester, home) and set off.
The trip to London was another straightforward train trip - then the Northern Line, the DLR and an a walk around the area to find the bank interviewing me. A very short interview, as it turned out, with more promised for later.
Then back into town in the rush hour, into the building site that is St Pancras before catching a very nice train to Nottingham. And then a short walk through the town, to the hotel where I now find myself, which has a vey good BT Openzone signal, which is much cheaper than the hotel's own offering.
Coffee will be served shortly, I think.
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