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09:20 am: Friday morning
I slept OK but not brilliantly last night. Somehow it wasn't quite right. Too hot? Too cold? No Viv? Can't pin it down exactly. So here I am back in the hotel, having trekked out to a nearby establishment. Couldn't find McD, BK wan't open, had a Subway breakfast. I could still have had at least five of them for the price of one Hilton breakfast. And there's a £1 charity donation added to my hotel bill but I can't find any clue anywhere as to what charity it is. I'll find out when I check out, I suppose. And if it's not one I am comfortable with, then I won't be paying it.
Meanwhile, it's almost time to be wrapping up the room, sticking all the stuff neatly in the bag and being on my way.

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Like A Song - U2
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